Tampa Bay Rays | The Walk Up Game


Going into the 2021 season, the Tampa Bay Rays explored all kinds of new technologies to help them collect more directional data, identify more of their fans, and improve the overall ticketing experience.

Tickets.com sat down with Jimmy Reed, Manager, Strategy & Analytics at the Tampa Bay Rays to discuss the 2021 season and what they learned while welcoming back their fans into the stands.  

The Walk-Up Game

A portion of sales for the Rays come from game day ticket purchases at the box office, known as walk-ups. While in the past walk-up sales were done in-person, in 2021, the Rays made modifications to adopt mobile-only ticket sales. On game day, fans looking to purchase tickets were met with QR-code signage which when scanned, took them through the MyProVenue ticket purchase flow and then to ticket delivery within the MLB Ballpark™ app.

“We’ve been mobile-only the whole year, we’ve had the ability for fans to scan a QR code to buy tickets through the MyProVenue purchase flow, but we really wanted to see if we could take it to that next step to make the experience even quicker.”

Tickets.com Interview | Jimmy Reed, Manager, Strategy & Analytics, Tampa Bay Rays

Pilot Programs

To that end, in the last month of the season, the Rays ran two pilot programs with Tickets.com certified registered developers, Fevo and Satisfi Labs (Satisfi).  

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