NASCAR Speeds Ahead with Ticketing Technology



NASCAR ticketing technology moves at the speed of, you guessed it, NASCAR. sat down with Kari Gritton, Managing Director of Consumer Strategy at NASCAR to discuss the return to live racing with fans, how their strategies have evolved, and the technology that helped them manage the constant changes.

“We were days away from the NASCAR Cup Series at Homestead Miami Speedway when all of sports and live entertainment shut down," said Gritton. Interview | Kari Gritton, Managing Director of Consumer Strategy at NASCAR


Fortunately for fans of the sport, NASCAR was able to quickly take the wheel and adjust protocols, schedules, and ultimately became the first major U.S. sport to restart ticketing live events.  And as the live event world began to transform itself, NASCAR was communicating with their fans regularly while they changed internal policies to offer refund options and bonus credits.  Notably the experience, “…reconfirmed how passionate and dedicated our fans are.” 

The NASCAR team made key strategic changes including:

  • Working with the Certified Registered Developer, FEVO
  • Adding Janam® XT3 devices paired with Alfred for complete access control. 


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