Central Michigan University (CMU) Gives Back with the Registered Developer Program

CMU Field


Central Michigan University (CMU), typically runs a packed schedule of events throughout each year. Events range from athletic games to performing arts shows which occur across nine venues. All in all, CMU entertains over 165,000 patrons with live experience on campus each year. The COVID-19 pandemic paused event activity but in 2021, events, at last, returned to campus.

In 2021, the goal for the CMU box office team was to create event experiences and offer services that matter to their community.  Everything from giving tickets to frontline workers, veterans, and the many community heroes, to establishing new scholarship programs, and to leveraging vouchers to create family-event days, CMU raised the bar on philanthropic programs.


Give back

One major constituent within the CMU community is its alumni members. The alumni support CMU and serve as exemplars of the university and its programs. In 2021, the box office team at CMU created a program for alumni to purchase tickets and give them back to the community, starting with Wrestling season tickets. Utilizing the power of MyProVenue, the digital ticketing solution from Tickets.com, alumni were able to easily purchase season tickets and transfer those donated digitally.

Since then, the CMU box office team has integrated with Veterans Tickets Foundation (VetTix) through the Tickets.com Registered Developer Program. With the goal of consistently providing experiences that matter, the CMU box office team will be working with VetTix to donate tickets year-round.



CMU also initiated a digital box office and increased the use of digital tickets. With on-site QR codes, box-office staffing could be minimized and students were able to purchase tickets in a contactless manner. To further motivate students to ‘not wait until the game day’, the CMU box office team created a series of instructional videos on how to purchase and use their digital tickets. These videos were designed to be quick and engaging with emojis and sound effects to help guide people through each step of the process so it was as simple to understand as possible. 

Check out the digital ticketing videos.


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